A must-read for entrepreneurs, Founders, and CEOs to learn the ins and outs of the recruiting industry with "no BS" advice from a fellow entrepreneur and industry insider who's been there and done that.

Dive into our assessment of the recruiting industry in its current state of dysfunction as we uncover its fundamental flaws and how to avoid pitfalls. In our eBook, you'll learn the differences between contingent and retained recruiting, advice for navigating the recruiting landscape, and tips to hire better.


  • Five reasons the recruiting industry is broken + how to avoid pitfalls

  • Contingent vs. Retained Recruiting: Which is superior and why?

  • Advice for navigating the recruiting landscape + how to hire better


A Note from the Author

I think we can all agree that talent is essential to the success of any enterprise. But if talent is such a differentiator for successful companies, why is it served by a recruiting industry that most people agree is borderline shady?

If you’ve ever had the feeling that a recruiter was trying desperately to “sell” you on a candidate, or if you have ever compared a recruiter to a stereotypical used-car salesman, then you know what I mean.

Download my free eBook, "The Recruiting Industry is Broken," to learn more about the flaws of the recruiting industry and how to overcome them. You'll get free advice from someone who is both an industry veteran and a fellow entrepreneur who will shoot it to you straight.

- Kurt Wilkin
Co-Founder, HireBetter