The Recruiting Industry is Broken

But Your Talent Solution Doesn't Have to Be


What's In the eBook?

Dive into our assessment of the recruiting industry in its current state of dysfunction as we uncover the ugly truth behind contingent recruiting and why it is fundamentally flawed. In our eBook, you'll learn the differences between contingent and retained recruiting, advice for navigating the recruiting landscape, and tips on how to hire better.

Five reasons the recruiting industry is broken and how to avoid pitfalls
Contingent vs. Retained Recruiting: Which is superior and why?
Advice for navigating the recruiting landscape and how to hire better

About the Author

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Kurt Wilkin
CEO, HireBetter

As an entrepreneur, Kurt has experience growing, scaling, and exiting high-growth, middle-market companies and now devotes his time to helping business leaders unlock their own success. His HireBetter client responsibilities include recruiting strategy, talent planning, and strategic partnerships.

His success as an entrepreneur stems from his ability to build long-term relationships with clients and partners, attract a loyal team of dedicated leaders and associates, and consistently deliver on commitments. He can be reached at