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We're supporting our business community with free Business Continuity Consultations.

As experts in talent planning and recruiting, and as contributing members of the community, the HireBetter team feels a great responsibility to be a beneficial resource to you and your organization in this uncertain time. Our goal at HireBetter is to help you navigate the unknown and assist in any way we can, especially when it comes to questions about your team and the health of your business.

Over the years, we have helped many clients answer such questions, identified the best solutions, and successfully implemented those solutions or referred the right business partner to do so. Right now, many business leaders are in dire need of guidance to plan, mitigate, and avoid disruptions to critical business functions and extend their cash runway through reductions in payroll costs. That's why we're offering a free two-hour Business Continuity Consulting session to any business leaders in need of guidance.

While these services are typically delivered through HireBetter’s Strategic Talent Planning™ for growth, we have repackaged our expertise into a service that will have the most positive impact on your business today. If you need help or just a sounding board, please reach out. Our team is here as a resource for you.


Prepare to survive.

Survival comes first and cash is king. Reductions in force, furloughs, and payroll reductions are some of the ways to extend your runway. These are tough times. It helps to have an independent partner to help you make tough decisions - especially when emotions are running high for everyone.

We leverage our Strategic Talent Planning™ expertise to build a survival plan. You will need to mitigate risks to your business and balance short-term survival with retaining key talent for today and tomorrow. We'll help you create plans for talent, communication, off-boarding, and outplacement.

Offering Our Expertise

With decades of experience among our veteran team, we are well equipped to help position your business for success through talent expertise and business savvy. Our goal today is to help you develop a talent plan to reduce expenses and mitigate vulnerabilities and gaps in your team. Our goal tomorrow is to position your business for growth.

Things to consider today include:

  • Reductions in force
  • Furloughs
  • Redeployment
  • A remote workforce
  • Unsustainable change in demand
  • Supply Chain Disruptions



  • Talent Scenario Planning

  • Short & Long-Term Planning

  • Virtual Talent Officer services for companies with limited capacity to manage layoffs or retraining

  • Messaging for RIFs or furloughs, both internally and externally; Maintain reputation and position for talent acquisition in the future


  • Training New Skills

  • Job Search Strategy & Interview Training

  • Resume & LinkedIn Training

  • Re-Employment Consulting & Outplacement Services

  • Resources & education on available federal and state programs, in addition to unemployment options


  • Virtual Onboarding

  • Virtual Interviewing

  • Consulting on Remote Workforce

  • Managing performance and engagement for remote teams


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Get ready to thrive.

Surviving crisis is only part of the equation. Preparing your business to thrive in spite of - or because of - crisis is what separates the survivors from the "thrivers." Many amazing companies were built in times of trouble. The window for opportunity may be very short, so begin today.

Once you have plans in place for survival, start brainstorming opportunities to double-down on marketing, new business opportunities, and upgrades in talent. Our job is to help you build a talent road map and help position your business to exit the crisis stronger than ever.

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HireBetter unlocks growth through the power of strategic talent planning and recruiting. We are retained search and talent consultants who help our clients see more growth faster with proactive strategies for long-term growth and short-term pressures. A new kind of agency, we offer honest, open, strategic advice based in real-world experience. We challenge business leaders to improve results by rethinking what they think about talent.

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Hear from Our Clients

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"We were going through significant change as we transitioned our business model. Looking back, we had some classic change-management issues. HireBetter was a true partner in helping us develop a talent strategy that aligned with our business strategy and recruited game-changing talent that directly improved our performance."
Stephen Shang, CEO - Falcon Structures

Stephen Shang, CEO Falcon Structures

Crisis Resources for Business Leaders

Visit our crisis resource page for a curated library of business-related support available.

We've curated a list of resources for business leaders facing the inevitable challenges resulting from the global pandemic. The resources included have been published by both official sources and thought leaders, with topics including financial resources and grants, crisis leadership guidance, crisis-related government programs, COVID-19 Updates & Information, and HireBetter resources created to support you through this time.


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Right now, many business leaders are in dire need of guidance to plan, mitigate, and avoid disruptions to critical business functions and extend their cash run way through reductions in payroll costs. That's why we're offering two hours of free business continuity consulting. Whether you need help or just a sounding board, please reach out. Our team is here as a resource for you.